Welcome to the wanderers who have stumbled across this page! I’m just beginning to learn about blogging so be patient and we both shall see what comes out of my mind and falls onto these pages. I have been following an eclectic hedgewitch path (with some shamanic ideals) for almost 40 years now. I was solitary for 30 of those years but over the past 10 years I have met and joined a wonderful local group where, 2 years ago, I began my Clergy in Training. I will soon be ordained and able to perform legal wiccan weddings.

I live with my family, cats, chickens and bees on a beautiful island in the Pacific. (On the west coast of Canada actually *wink*) I recently became a grandmother, and it has been the most magical of experiences. I work full time but in what spare time I’m able to catch I like to dabble in creating things. Writing, photography, sewing, woodworking, needlework, stained glass, wildcrafting herbs and edibles, herbal tinctures and simples, soapmaking … and more. My goal is to continue to be creative and post things that are interesting to me and hopefully they will be interesting to you too!